Thoughts and Learnings of Life

Angst Poetry

Distant Thoughts

Your paranoia
Building up
Non-sense thoughts
Starts to form

What I do
Where I am
What I think
Who I talk to

Question filled mind
Unreasonable temper
Darkness of the heart
Searching for light

Thoughts wander
Familial disputes
Technical decisions
Choice of right from wrong

Suffered relations
Missed friends
Hesitations from the past
Frustrations for the future

Physically absent love
Night of negativities
All formed inside
Plus balooning of the heart

Cannot be healed
By mere words
Of a distant lover
Longing of you too

Not enough to show
Missed touches
Hugs and kisses
Not enough to feel

Still and But one
One promise holds
This relation and bond
Foundation, what we can become

Have your worries fly
Filter light will soar the sky
Beside Dream Chaser
Will dominate the land…

…And will never die
Nor find a different one
Only Dream Chaser
Filter light’s love and his only one.