Thoughts and Learnings of Life

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Distant Thoughts

Your paranoia
Building up
Non-sense thoughts
Starts to form

What I do
Where I am
What I think
Who I talk to

Question filled mind
Unreasonable temper
Darkness of the heart
Searching for light

Thoughts wander
Familial disputes
Technical decisions
Choice of right from wrong

Suffered relations
Missed friends
Hesitations from the past
Frustrations for the future

Physically absent love
Night of negativities
All formed inside
Plus balooning of the heart

Cannot be healed
By mere words
Of a distant lover
Longing of you too

Not enough to show
Missed touches
Hugs and kisses
Not enough to feel

Still and But one
One promise holds
This relation and bond
Foundation, what we can become

Have your worries fly
Filter light will soar the sky
Beside Dream Chaser
Will dominate the land…

…And will never die
Nor find a different one
Only Dream Chaser
Filter light’s love and his only one.



Life will give you full of crap
To challenge your faith
Your strong hold, your will
To give a chance to grow

Hurts like a spear
Pierced on your heart
Will bring you fear
Pit to your defeat

No worries boy,
You were created
Without a promise
of light and joy

You are promised
of unending challenges
to grow and to plow
Promised of a final rest

Smile and never frown
Ever faced with fear
Stand up, have your face light
Being blessed is gracious

Glory is for those who wait
Life is for those who stand
With never ending faith
Light for those in the night

-Filter light

Nineteenth of July

Flashes of memories
Treasured from the start
Every oooohs and uhhhmms
All sounds a-like

Never want to end
Happiness that felt
Even the greatest pain
Bashed to stop the chain

The man can risk it all
Enduring whatever the toll
Naive, the man was dubbed
Crazy, the man was tagged

As long the smile stays
The man can go miles away
Consequence may be big
The man endures and he will stay..

Seeing the goal
Of better tomorrow
It made the man
Accepts the sword of sorrow

Sword struck
From front to back
Spits blood, the one he lacks
He is going on a hypovolemic shock

Even so, the man stays…
Enemy throws a thousand spears away
Life and death, he can stare
The man accepts to end the lair

Nothing in his mind
The woman of his heart
The woman smiles, flying through the skies
The man smiles and so he dies… but no one saw his cries…


By: Filter Light and Trash Talker

Cuddles of sweetness
Sipping elixir of craziness
Missing sanity of each other
Addicted to the connection scent of each other

Strangers linked from the same chain
who would ever imagine
different worlds, we’d never be again
this rendezvous, this unregretful sin

Adventures of tomorrow
Looking forward without sorrow
Reaching the point to sow
Freedom, so we can plow

And reap the harvest we deserve
whatever the outcome we wont swerve
to all we believe and all we stand
facing without fear, hand in hand

Everything may wither
Filter may not be here forever
Sun can be less brighter
Talker can be less wordier

But where there’s uncertainty they’d smile
knowing they never roamed the typical mile
time would only make things clearer
for two bold warriors who’d stand and conquer

Doing everything before it comes
Chasing dreams on the land of some
None understands fully
Both are weirdly in-love mutually

For what else can break a bond
not written in stones, not carved in sand
but with heartbeats they’d understand
and face whatever life may demand

Both may see the dawn
But none will see them down
No option to frown
Flying out-side the town

Ode to a young man and the teacher he has always hoped himself to be

See the children.

See them playing and running.

Can you hear their laughter?

Can you see the smiles on their faces?

Yet why are they here?

Where are the school children?

Where are the schools?

The teachers, the books,

The library, the classrooms —

Where are these promises?

Once I see myself like them.

I see myself running and playing.

Hiking on my bare feet up

Towards the elementary school

I see my classmates and my teacher.

Yes, I do have a job but still bare-footed.

I need to help my family.

We only eat once a day since father died.

My mother’s a laundry woman

And we still have debts to pay.

Since then I had seen the lower depths

dawn on me.

I had even doubted the idea of survival

working on me.

My mind got struck with the negativity

that was in me.

My hope now is that my sense of the heroic

should creep within me.

Upon my search, I ended up with drug addiction.

With rolled-up foil and a glassful of dereliction.

But then it was just such an imaginary affliction.

I need to wake up from this hallucination.

See the children.

See them still playing.

Where are the heroes?

Can you be a real hero

for me?

Light is all I want to see

From the time I woke up

To the time my imagination

Took the better of me

Now, I am eighteen,

Proud to be graduating

From overstaying elementary

Questioning and challenging children

With, “Do you know what pi is?”

“Do you know which dinosaurs or what?”

“Do you know what gravity is?”

“Do you know what love is?”

I have dreamed to be a teacher.

A teacher who will teach those children with

Lessons from my path

I have dreamed to be a hero

A hero through the eyes of every child

Can you be a hero too?

For us

We are excited,
For things unknown.
We are in love,
With each others known.

I am happy.
You are there for me.
You are more happy.
I’ll give it back twice.

We are wishing.
Tomorrow is not just a dream.
We are listing.
What should we bring?

We are changing.
We need more growing.
We are preparing.
We need more learning.

Tomorrow is unknown.
We are excited.
We will love it.
We will embrace it.

We will do it,
More or less.
We will be together.
We will stick together

We love and will love each other.


I don’t really know where and how to start. But it felt really weird that I start typing words that just came out of my mind.

I am really thankful with my new job. It’s a brand new environment and a brand new adventure. It’s thrilling the insides of me. I don’t really know what to do.

We all know that I am not used to connecting with  “normal” people. Naturally, I don’t know how to make friends and to become friendly. I always have the tendency to think out of the box; something weird and something unnatural. I don’t know if I am just weird or I am too serious about the things that I am doing. I am having the tendency to think that the newly met people are rivals; rivals that I need to surpass. With that thinking, I am having a lot of confidence. But with those things, I can be too arrogant to the point that I am already making enemies. I know that I always contribute to the reason for not having some connections. Well, that’s even though I am a crowd pleaser.

I always wanted to have lots friends. I always try to please and to seek confirmation from the mass. But little did I know, all I need are real connections. Some people may pretend to be friendly but tactically defeating your fact and insides. They will crush and use you. Well, people come and go; friends will become enemies and enemies will become friends.

Maybe all I need to do is to do my thing and to keep growing. I need to establish a fact that what I am is what I am. I need to live on my words and philosophy.


I think this one sounds a bit off and confusing. Well, I am just trying to write the words that just came out of my mind. 🙂