Thoughts and Learnings of Life


By: Filter Light and Trash Talker

Cuddles of sweetness
Sipping elixir of craziness
Missing sanity of each other
Addicted to the connection scent of each other

Strangers linked from the same chain
who would ever imagine
different worlds, we’d never be again
this rendezvous, this unregretful sin

Adventures of tomorrow
Looking forward without sorrow
Reaching the point to sow
Freedom, so we can plow

And reap the harvest we deserve
whatever the outcome we wont swerve
to all we believe and all we stand
facing without fear, hand in hand

Everything may wither
Filter may not be here forever
Sun can be less brighter
Talker can be less wordier

But where there’s uncertainty they’d smile
knowing they never roamed the typical mile
time would only make things clearer
for two bold warriors who’d stand and conquer

Doing everything before it comes
Chasing dreams on the land of some
None understands fully
Both are weirdly in-love mutually

For what else can break a bond
not written in stones, not carved in sand
but with heartbeats they’d understand
and face whatever life may demand

Both may see the dawn
But none will see them down
No option to frown
Flying out-side the town


One response

  1. the wind bellows it’s silence
    in circles the demise surrounds
    with chains corroded magnificence
    two souls choke confound

    one eye seeing less than blindness
    one thought press’d as tattered sheets
    one sigh lost in blissful hopelessness
    one wish solemn with deceit

    the wind morose and silent
    once again a demise abounds
    ne’er freed from chains magnificent
    forever blind, forever bound.

    06/26/2012 at 11:08 pm

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