Thoughts and Learnings of Life

Nineteenth of July

Flashes of memories
Treasured from the start
Every oooohs and uhhhmms
All sounds a-like

Never want to end
Happiness that felt
Even the greatest pain
Bashed to stop the chain

The man can risk it all
Enduring whatever the toll
Naive, the man was dubbed
Crazy, the man was tagged

As long the smile stays
The man can go miles away
Consequence may be big
The man endures and he will stay..

Seeing the goal
Of better tomorrow
It made the man
Accepts the sword of sorrow

Sword struck
From front to back
Spits blood, the one he lacks
He is going on a hypovolemic shock

Even so, the man stays…
Enemy throws a thousand spears away
Life and death, he can stare
The man accepts to end the lair

Nothing in his mind
The woman of his heart
The woman smiles, flying through the skies
The man smiles and so he dies… but no one saw his cries…


2 responses

  1. trask talker

    as she watches him die
    glares at him with a beastly stare
    lands back to earth and oh my,
    slapped his face, screaming, “don’t you dare!”

    and so, they lived happily ever after pwahahaha xD

    06/23/2012 at 2:14 am

  2. i deem apathy, do you?
    feel death apart from life
    of peers and painted faces
    i deem apathy, do you?

    i see silence, do you?
    prayers in cacophony for you
    of children beholden words of wisdom
    i see silence, do you?

    turning like the mills in burnt summers
    tolls to what was once but never will
    i would feel but never, do you?
    i would seek but never, do you?

    i deem apathy
    i see silence
    i would never again…

    06/26/2012 at 11:14 pm

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