Thoughts and Learnings of Life

Ode to a young man and the teacher he has always hoped himself to be

See the children.

See them playing and running.

Can you hear their laughter?

Can you see the smiles on their faces?

Yet why are they here?

Where are the school children?

Where are the schools?

The teachers, the books,

The library, the classrooms —

Where are these promises?

Once I see myself like them.

I see myself running and playing.

Hiking on my bare feet up

Towards the elementary school

I see my classmates and my teacher.

Yes, I do have a job but still bare-footed.

I need to help my family.

We only eat once a day since father died.

My mother’s a laundry woman

And we still have debts to pay.

Since then I had seen the lower depths

dawn on me.

I had even doubted the idea of survival

working on me.

My mind got struck with the negativity

that was in me.

My hope now is that my sense of the heroic

should creep within me.

Upon my search, I ended up with drug addiction.

With rolled-up foil and a glassful of dereliction.

But then it was just such an imaginary affliction.

I need to wake up from this hallucination.

See the children.

See them still playing.

Where are the heroes?

Can you be a real hero

for me?

Light is all I want to see

From the time I woke up

To the time my imagination

Took the better of me

Now, I am eighteen,

Proud to be graduating

From overstaying elementary

Questioning and challenging children

With, “Do you know what pi is?”

“Do you know which dinosaurs or what?”

“Do you know what gravity is?”

“Do you know what love is?”

I have dreamed to be a teacher.

A teacher who will teach those children with

Lessons from my path

I have dreamed to be a hero

A hero through the eyes of every child

Can you be a hero too?


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