Thoughts and Learnings of Life

For them

I wonder why people grow
Leave things with sadness to grow
I wonder why people go
Without realizing the loneliness they throw

I am a victim
Of loneliness and sorrow
Still believe in reasons
Lame excuse and explanation

Compensating things;
“I like it” and “that’s okay”
Deep inside it’s hurting
And will always be not okay

I keep on experimenting
Trying things and experiencing
Learning the art of communicating
Sharing mantle with people I am meeting

Now, I don’t know where to go
Leaving to God my fate
And where my feet to throw
What road to take, dilemma of my soul

I am still trying
The game of loving and war of hating
Pet the beast with talented taming
Protecting my self from life’s choosing

Experience wise
I am a warrior
Winning the life of love and sorrow
Even though I am a weirdo

Amen I say to you
Lord of mystery
Mentor of soliloquy
Thank you I learned a lot from you

My spartan hero…

2 responses

  1. wordlessness

    this has more heart. be vivid and unbind yourself from what structures hold you. an artist holds his creativity and leads it beyond what is known. he transforms his menagerie of words into a picture that moves the soul of the reader. it’s good to witness this…

    08/02/2010 at 12:09 pm

  2. wordlessness

    …just had to do this…it would help the reader get into the work if you actually include what the initials really mean….hehehe

    08/02/2010 at 2:30 pm

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